Citations are crucial to your local rankings in Google.  Not only that, but being listed on lots of these third-party sites (AKA “citation sources”) can help you attract customers from a wide variety of sources.

You may know where to get citations, and you may know all about how to go about building them.  You may even use the excellent Local Citation Finder.

But you probably don’t know whether you’ve gathered all the citations you need—or all that you humanly can gather.  That’s what this list is for.  It’s the product of 4 years of jotting down every citation source I’ve encountered.

The local-search landscape constantly changes, so I will keep growing and perfecting this list.  I know there must be some good sites I’m missing, even now.  I’d love any suggestions (see bottom of page).

I’ve broken it up into the following sections (click to jump to a section):

US citation sources


Industry-specific sites

“Events” sites

Ethnicity- and identity-specific sites

UK citation sources

Canada citation sources

Australia citation sources

If you’re looking for citation sources for Germany, New Zealand, Ireland, Spain, the Netherlands, or South Africa, go check out Nyagoslav Zhekov’s great post on“international” local citations.

If you run a business in the US, you’ll only really need to pay attention to the first two sections.  You may also want to skim sections 3-5, but that’s icing on the cake.

A few notes:

1.  The sites in the “data-aggregators” section aren’t reallycitation sources, but they help you earn citations, which is why I’m including them.

2.  None of the sites requires a reciprocal link from you.  In other words, this list does NOT include the types of sites that will list your business only if you paste their stupid link and logo on your homepage.  I haven’t found that those sites are important to anyone’s visibility— except theirs.  Your site should be about you.

3.  All the sites are free to add your business to, with a few exceptions (which I note in the list).  On the off-chance you try to list your business on one of the hundreds of other sites on this list and are asked to pay a fee, please let me know (in which case I’ll either note down that fact on the list or — more likely — remove the site from the list entirely).

4.  Red = the most important citations to gather for Google local rankings, regardless of your industry or location.

5.  When I write  “verification required” next to one of the sites, that usually means that the business owner or someone in the company has to go through a verification process (often by phone) in order to create or gain access to a business listing on that site.

6.  A few sites no longer have free self-serve “submit a listing” options because they’ve got a near-exclusive partnership with Yext.  That means that in many cases the only way to add or edit a listing on one of these sites is to pay for Yext (although there may be creative workarounds).  I’ve labeled those sites, “Powered by Yext.”  I’m including them in case you want to check your listings.

The sites:

US citation sources

(it’s worth listing your business on any of these sites, regardless of your industry or location) (verification required for claiming listing) (AKA nSphere) (costs $1.99 / month as of June 2013) (powered by Yext) (powered by Yext) (only if you offer free Wi-Fi access) (verification required) (powered by WhitePages, and in turn by Yext; see note on WhitePages, below) (powered by Yext) (powered by Yext – although apparently you can contact Whitepages for help) (verification required only for claiming listing) (verification required only for claiming listing)


Acxiom (  (verification required; paid) – AKA InfoGroup, AKA InfoUSA (verification required) (paid) (verification required)

Industry-specific sites (optometry) (law) (optometry) (auto mechanics) (law) (law) (contractors) (landscaping and lawn-care) (law) (home-improvement services) (home-improvement services) (home-improvement services) (law) (law) (granite suppliers) (landscaping) (industrial) (restaurant) (bridal, florist, salon, etc.) (contractors) (assisted living) (assisted living) (shopping) (optometry) (bridal, florist, salon, etc.) (health industries) (real-estate, home-improvement services, landscaping)

“Events” sites

Sites geared toward specific ethnicities / identities (Indian & Southeast Asian) (Indian) (Filipino) (Filipino) (Native American) (Indonesian) (Black & African American) (Macedonian) (Native American) (Russian) (Vietnamese) (Spanish speakers) (Greek)

UK citation sources

Brownbook. net (verification required only for claiming listing)

Canada citation sources (submit at (verification required only for claiming listing) (verification required only for claiming listing)

Australia citation sources (dining & tourist businesses) (verification required only for claiming listing) (verification required only for claiming listing)

How can I improve the list?

Here’s a short wish-list of things I’d really love your input on:

  • Citation sources you know of that aren’t on the list
  • Ways you think I should organize/present the current list
  • Any tips or “words to the wise” regarding any site on the list
  • Any thoughts you have about the relative importance of any of the sites—like how you’ve seen them influence your Google local rankings or someone else’s.  In other words, which ones would you suggest highlighting in red?
  • Whatever you think would make this a better list
Some people who’ve helped so far:


Big thanks to Kirk Pomerleau, Bruce Mishkin, and Holly Pedit for their contributions to this list early on.

Special thanks to Nyagoslav Zhekov of NGS Marketing for a long list of insights that helped make this list better.  (By the way, I highly recommend you check out Nyagoslav’s excellent blog on local search.)

Giant thanks to Andrew Webber of SEO Maverick for his excellent additions to the list of Australian citation sites.

Hearty thanks to Zachary Palmer of Divot Agency for suggesting 9 sites, and for his further input.

Gratitude to Chris Sheehy of for 32 sites that made the list.  (By the way, Chris’s HQ is just a few miles down the road from me – check out his site if you’re a Rhode Islander who wants a local local SEO.)

I thank Stephen Brown of Brown & Rice, P.A. for telling me about several sites that had gone extinct.

Cheers to Hayden Williams for telling me about 9 UK citations I’d missed.

Thanks to Michael Gottesman Biz Tech Coaching for suggesting the “Powered by Yext” labels.

Cheers to Rod Marchant-Smith of Peninsula Air Conditioning in Sydney for confirming which Australian citations matter most.

Merci to Marc Poulin for helping me keep the Canadian citations list up-to-date.


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